This photo gallery contains pictures of temples and palaces in Yangon. The 48m high Sule pagoda is believed to date back over 2000 years. The Botataung pagoda was built to house Buddha relics donated by the King of Syriam. The Royal lakes contain the Karaweik stone boat, a concrete replica of a royal barge, which nowadays is used as a restaurant and for cultural events.
01 Sule pagoda at night 02 Building 03 Botahtaung pagoda 04 Botahtaung pagoda interior 05 Buddha's sacred relic hair
06 Stone tablet 07 Buddha 08 Bell 09 Botahtaung pagoda 10 Monk
11 Botahtaung pagoda 12 Botahtaung pagoda 13 Column 14 Karaweik palace 15 Karaweik palace
16 Painting 17 Karaweik palace interior 18 Karaweik stone boat detail 19 Park 20 Bridge
21 Reclining Buddha 22 Reclining Buddha 23 Feet of reclining Buddha
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