With an area of 15kmē Pulau Gaya is the largest of the five islands of the Tunku Abdul Rahman national park. The island is mainly mountaineous and only has one small stretch of beach on its northern end. Pulau Gaya is completely covered with virgin tropical rain forest and has 20km of hiking trails.
Pulau Gaya has two expensive five star resorts: the Gayana Eco Resort, home to the Marine Ecology Research Centre, and the Bunga Raya Island Resort, both located on the north-east part of the island. On the southwestern tip of Gaya lies a large and growing stilt village, inhabited by illegal Filipino immigrants.
01 Pulau Gaya
02 Water village 03 Water village 04 Fish farm
05 Jetty 06 Stilt village with mosque 07 Houses on stilts 08 Houses on stilts
09 Houses on stilts
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