Pulau Mantanani Besar is a very flat island and is surrounded by a long, endless beach which is only interrupted at the western end by a hilly promontory. Palm beach is located close to the southwestern end and is the only beach on the island with coconut palms. At the eastern end there is a land tongue consisting of a strip of beach. The beaches on the northern side are less nice than the beaches on the southern side.
01 Boats on southern beach 02 Beach 03 Beach 04 Boats on southern beach
05 Beach 06 Boats on southern beach 07 Beach with wooden jetty
08 Beach 09 Palm beach
10 Palm beach
11 Beach 12 Eastern tip of Mantanani 13 Eastern tip of Mantanani
14 Eastern tip of Mantanani 15 Northern beach
16 Beach at sunset 17 Beach at sunset 18 Beach at sunset 19 Beach at sunset
20 Jetty at sunset 21 Beach at sunset
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