Surrender point is where the 32nd Japanese Southern Army surrendered to the 9th Division of the Australian Imperial Forces on Sep 9th, 1945 effectively ending World War II in Borneo. It contains some sculptures and metal plates. Near the Surrender point lies the Peace Park, which was set up as a memorial to the horrors of the war. Centered in it is the memorial mound which is surrounded by landscaped gardens and pavilions.
01 Museum 02 Museum 03 Peace park 04 World War II memorial mound
05 World War II memorial mound 06 World War II memorial mound 07 World War II memorial 08 World War II memorial
09 Peace park 10 Tree in peace park 11 Japanese memorial 12 Japanese memorial
13 Japanese memorial 14 Japanese friendship memorial 15 Surrender point memorial 16 Surrender point memorial
17 Surrender point memorial 18 Commemorative plate
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