The city of Petra lies in an impressive setting and is surrounded by mountains with steep gorges and canyons. This gallery shows some of the rock formations in and around Petra. It is possible to do treks in the region around Petra, although it is recommended to use a local guide.
01 Street of facades 02 Street of facades 03 Oval opening in red cave 04 View of central Petra
05 Late afternoon view of street of facades 06 Steep pink cliff 07 Panoramic view of Petra
08 Panoramic view of Petra 09 Canyon 10 Canyon with path to Monastery 11 Canyon with path to Monastery
12 Canyon 13 Canyon 14 Donkey 15 Path to monastery and rock formations
16 Path to viewpoint near Monastery 17 Mountains surrounding Petra 18 Stone heap
19 Mountains surrounding Petra 20 Roofed viewpoint with tourists 21 Canyon 22 Canyon
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