From the Treasury the walk continues through a wider gorge, the Outer Siq. This has some tombs and other monuments carved into its sides and leads to a wide open space, central Petra. In central Petra there are several buildings and monuments. The theatre was built in the 1st century AD in Hellenistic style and could accomodate 8500 people. The paved path leading from the theatre to the centre of Petra is called Cololladed street. At its end are a number of temples, buildings and the royal palace.
01 Street of facades 02 Tombs on street of facades 03 Theatre 04 Theatre
05 Theatre 06 Dromedary rider waiting for customers 07 Ruins of the Great Temple 08 Ruins of the Great temple
09 Great temple columns 10 Temple of winged lions ruins 11 Colonnade street 12 Temenos arched gate 13 Temenos arched gate detail
14 Temenos arched gate 15 Carved rocks 16 Qasr Al-Bint temple of Dushares 17 Qasr Al-Bint temple of Dushares facade 18 Gate of Qasr Al-Bint temple of Dushares
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