Shinjuku is an urban centre around the Shinjuku station in west Tokyo. It consists of an eastern part focused mostly on entertainment and shopping and a western part with a skyscraper district with some very impressive architecture. Shown in this gallery is the eastern part of Shinjuku which is full of entertainment centres, restaurants and shops.
01 Subway with shops 02 Subway with shops 03 Hokuo bakery 04 Ice cream parlour 05 Storefronts illuminated with neon lights
06 Storefronts illuminated with neon lights 07 Storefronts illuminated with neon lights 08 Illuminated storefronts on street junction 09 Pachinko parlour 10 Pachinko parlour
11 Illuminated storefronts 12 Pachinko parlour 13 Taxis stopping in front of McDonalds 14 Illuminated storefronts 15 Pedestrian area with shops and restaurants
16 White buses on street 17 Illuminated storefronts 18 Illuminated storefronts 19 Barneys department store
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