The Shibuya district in west Tokyo is the trendsetting centre of Tokyo, which gave birth to many of Japan's fashion and entertainment trends. It contains a large number of shops, restaurants, department stores and other designer outlets. The intersection in front of Shibuya station (Hachiko Exit) is heavily decorated by neon advertisements and giant video screens.
01 Tokyu department store 02 Hachiko square opposite Shibuya station 03 Hachiko square opposite Shibuya station 04 Hachiko square opposite Shibuya station 05 Taxis queuing up 06 0101 City store
07 Pedestrian crossings 08 Street and storefronts 09 01city apparel store 10 01city apparel store 11 Tower records building 12 Tower records building
13 Shidax village club karaoke 14 Denryokukan electric power museum 15 Denryokukan electric power museum 16 Denryokukan glass panel reflection 18 Storefronts 19 Clock tower and Yoyogi park
20 Clock tower 21 Yellow taxi 22 Parco shopping complex 23 Street corner and GAP store 24 Parco shopping complex 25 Parco shopping complex
26 Apple store 27 Apple store 28 Ma Maison restaurant 29 Disney store 30 Pedestrians walking on pavement 31 Street intersection and storefronts
32 Pavement and storefront 33 Young woman in shorts 34 Street crossing and storefronts 35 Book 1st bookstore 36 ABC mart 37 Pachinko parlour
38 Mobile phones 39 Bic Camera salesgirls
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