The Tokyo National Museum located at the northern end of Ueno park was established in 1872. It is Japan's oldest and largest museum and sports a number of collections focused on Japan and Asia. The museum consists of five exhibition buildings: Toyokan, Horikan, Heiseikan, Hyokeikan and the Horyu-ji gallery.
01 Main building 02 Buddha statue 03 Head of Buddha 04 Worshipping of the bowl and Maitreya 05 Bodhisattva statue
06 Amitabha triad 07 Bronze Bo bell with coiling snakes 08 Bronze Bo bell with coiling snakes 09 Statue of Tang dynasty official 10 Seated Monju Bosatsu and attendants 11 Statue of attendant
12 Covered jar Edo period 13 Tachi sword 14 Haniwa warrior in Tanko armour 15 Haniwa terracotta figure of woman 16 Haniwa terracotta figure of woman
17 Haniwa terracotta figure of woman 18 Three colour glazed pottery divine warrior 19 Bronze spearheads 20 Covered enamel and gold jar 21 Goblins on Oeyama flower vase 22 Goblin on Oeyama flower vase
23 Buddha statue 24 Bronze statue of Avalokitesvara 25 Buddha statue 26 Kannon Bosatsu Akalokitesvara statue 27 Statue of Amitabha and two attendants 28 Statue of seated Bodhisattva
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