Some miscellaneous images of the Tana Toraja region. The Toraja airport lies 38km south of Rantepao. Makale is the capital city of the Tana Toraja regency. Bolu is a cattle market near Rantepao. In the Sisemba traditional fight, pairs of people fight against other pairs of people in large groups.
01 Flight Makassar Rantepao 02 Rice fields 03 Toraja airport 04 Toraja airport 05 Lakipadada statue in Makale
06 Makale 07 Makale 08 Makale church 09 Boys
10 Water hyacinths 11 Bolu cattle market 12 Bolu cattle market
13 Water buffalo 14 Rock formations 15 Farmer houses and rice field 16 Christian church 17 Christian church
18 Water buffalo mud bath 19 Water buffalo mud bath 20 Water buffalo mud bath 21 Water buffalo mud bath 22 Batutumonga viewpoint restaurant
23 Sisemba traditional fight 24 Sisemba traditional fight 25 Sisemba traditional fight
26 Lion Air ATR72-500 plane 27 Toraja airport
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