Seraya is an island in the Komodo national park located 15km north of Labaun Bajo. It actually consists of two islands, a big and a small one - Seraya Besar and Seraya Kecil. On the smaller island there is the Seraya hotel resort, an upmarket resort with a number of bungalows on a beach. The beach is clean and well kept, and the seawater is crystal clear. There is not much vegetation on Seraya Kecil, except for some mangroves along the coast.
01 Seraya hotel resort 02 Seraya hotel resort
03 Boat and pier 04 Seraya beach resort 05 Bay with turquoise waters
06 Boat anchored near pier 07 Seraya hotel resort
08 Crystal clear water 09 Mangroves 10 Mangroves
11 Swimming pool 12 Beach 13 Beach
14 Coconut palms 15 Spa and boat rental 16 Boat and mangroves 17 Tourist boat approaching the shore
18 Tourist boat
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