With an area of 390 kmĀ² Komodo is the largest island in the Komodo national park. It is a mountainous and relatively dry island with a max. elevation of 738m (Mt Satalibo). Komodo hosts one of the larger populations of the Komodo dragon, the world's largest lizard. These animals live for up to 30 years and reach a size of up to 3m as adults and a weight of up to 70 Kg. The headquarters of the Komodo national park are on Komodo island. Visitors access the island with a two hours boat trip from Labuan Bajo (Flores). The entrance fee to the Komodo national park was 290000 IDR for foreigners in 2016. Visitors are assigned a park ranger who guides them through the island. Daytrips to Komodo usually include a two hours stop on the island.
01 Komodo island western coast 02 Boat approaching Komodo island
03 Komodo island western coast 04 Komodo island and boat 05 Komodo island
06 Komodo island 07 Tourist boats anchored in  Loh Liang 08  Loh Liang beach 09 Forest trail
10 View from Sulphurea hill
11 View of  Loh Liang bay 12 Suplhurea hill
13 Treetop 14 Baby Komodo dragon 15 Komodo dragon 16 Komodo dragon head
17 Komodo dragon 18 Komodo dragon foot and claws 19 Komodo dragon 20 Komodo dragon
21 Komodo dragon 22 Deer 23 Male deer 24 Deer resting on beach
25 Deer 26 Tourists walking along path 27  Loh Liang beach 28 Approaching Pantai Merah beach
29 Pink beach 30 Pantai Merah beach 31 Tourist boats near Pantai Merah
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