The 480 sq km sanctuary lies in a valley surrounded by the barren Aravalli hills. The princely shooting reserve of the Maharaja of Alwar was declared a sanctuary in 1955 and is a tiger reserve under Project Tiger. We did a brief early morning safari in December 2004 and saw a variety of animals such as deers, antelopes, monkeys and wild boars, but no tigers. The guide told us there were 25 tigers and 60 leopards in the reserve.
01 Gate 02 Scenery with road 03 Scenery with road 04 Off-road vehicle 05 Bird
06 Deer 07 Dotted deer 08 Wild boars eating deer carcass 09 Wild boars eating deer carcass 10 Langur monkey
11 Langur monkey 12 Deer 13 Deer 14 Macaque monkey
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