Pushkar is a beautiful small town, consisting mainly of white and light blue houses, Hindu temple and ghats (staircases) around a lake. Pushkar lies in a narrow dry valley overshadowed by impressive rocky hils, and is a major Hindu pilgrimage centre.
01 Staircase to Brahma temple 02 Brahma Hindu temple 03 Brahma temple bell 04 Brahma temple 05 Brahma temple pillar detail 06 Brahma temple
07 White towers 08 Ghats, cow and white houses 09 Ghats and Pushkar lake 10 Pushkar lake and white houses 11 Lake island
12 Ghats and Hindu temple 13 Lake and Ghats 14 Pushkar palace 15 View of lake
16 Blue house facade 17 Decorated roofs 18 Cow 19 Fruit sellers 20 Cow
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