The ancient site of Epidaurus contains the ruins of the sanctuary of the god Asklepios, son of Apollo. The complex, also known as Asclepieion of Epidaurus, was the most celebrated healing center of the Classical world, the place where ill people went in the hope of being cured. Nowadays not much is left of the ruins, except for the impressive theatre at Epidaurus which is in an excellent conservation state. The theater, which seats up to 15000 people, was designed by Polykleitos the younger in the 4th century BC. The theatre is famous for its almost perfect acoustics, which allow almost perfect intelligibility of unamplified spoken word from the stage to all spectators. The Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus is a UNESCO World Heritage site.
01 Epidaurus theatre 02 Epidaurus theatre 03 Epidaurus theatre
04 Epidaurus theatre 05 Epidaurus theatre 06 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 07 Epidaurus theatre
08 Epidaurus theatre 09 Epidaurus theatre 10 Epidaurus orchestra stage 11 Epidaurus orchestra stage
12 Epidaurus orchestra stage 13 Epidaurus theatre 14 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre
15 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 16 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 17 Rows of seating in Epidaurus theatre 18 Epidaurus theatre gate 19 Statue of god Asclepius
20 Ruins of Asclepieion 21 Ruins of Asclepieion
22 Stadium 23 Ruins of Asclepieion 24 Ruins of Asclepieion
25 Ruins of Asclepieion 26 Ruins of Asclepieion 27 Ruins of Asclepieion
28 Ruins of Asclepieion
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