The Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière was built in 1870 on the hill overlooking Lyon by the inhabitants of Lyon after their city was not captured by the advancing Prussian army during the Prussia-France war. Its design by Pierre Bossan is based on both Romanesque and Byzantine architectural elements. The interior is beautifully decorated and has with fine mosaics, superb stained glass and a crypt of Saint Joseph.
01 Front view of basilica 02 Front view of basilica 03 Facade of basilica 04 Tower 05 Facade of basilica 06 Stained glass window
07 Stained glass window 08 Nave of basilica 09 Stained glass window 10 Interior decorations 11 High altar 12 High altar
13 Wall mosaic 14 Stained glass window 15 Decorations and vault 16 Interior decorations 17 Interior decorations 18 Night view of Fourviere basilica
19 Illuminated facade at night 20 Illuminated facade at night 21 Wall detail at night 22 Night view of Fourviere basilica
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