Place Bellecour is a large square in central Lyon on the peninsula (Presqu'île). At 312m x 200m tt's one of the largest in Europe and forms the focal centre of Lyon. On the square is the equestrian statue of king Louis XIV and a giant panoramic Ferris wheel. Bellecour square is connected by the pedestrian area of Rue de la République with Place de Terreaux. Adjacent to Place Bellecour is the Antonin Poncet square.
01 Colourful flower sculpture on Antonin Poncet square 02 Antonin Poncet square 03 Tower 04 Place Antonin Poncet square 05 Fountain on Antonin Poncet square
06 Place Antonin Poncet square 07 Hotel Royal 08 Panoramic Ferris wheel 09 Panoramic Ferris wheel 10 Panoramic Ferris wheel
11 Place Bellecour square 12 Roofs in downtown Lyon 13 Place Bellecour square
14 Place Bellecour square 15 Panoramic Ferris wheel 16 Tower at night 17 Tower at night 18 Panoramic Ferris wheel at night
19 Equestrian statue of Louis XIV at night 20 Panoramic Ferris wheel at night 21 Panoramic Ferris wheel at night
22 Bellecour square at night 23 Hotel Royal
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