France is a western European country bordering Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Switzerland and Italy. It covers an area of 547000 sq km. Its territory is covered by a mix of plains and mountainous terrain. A centralised French state was first established in the Middle Ages in the form of a monarchy. France was overturned into a republic following the French revolution of 1789. Nowadays France has an advanced and prosperous economy and is a member of the EU and the NATO. The capital of France is Paris.
Paris photo gallery  - 163 pictures of Paris
Loire river valley photo gallery  - 119 pictures of Loire river valley
Lyon photo gallery  - 97 pictures of Lyon
163 photos of Paris, the capital of France
119 photos of the Loire river valley known for its world-famous castles
97 photos of Lyon, the second largest city in France and its capital of gastronomy
Strasbourg photo gallery  - 41 pictures of Strasbourg
Atlantic coast photo gallery  - 20 pictures of Atlantic coast
41 photos of Strasbourg, a French city on the Rhine river, the seat of several European Union institutions
20 photos of the French Atlantic coast between Biarritz and Brest
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