A selection of pictures of Hurghada, a tourist town on the Red Sea. Hurghada once was a peaceful fishing village which underwent a dramatic transformation over the past years. Nowadays it is a major tourist destination for European package tourists. Signs of the overdevelopment are visible everywhere, as you can see in the photos. Everywhere there are unfinished buildings. Despite all this the sea water in Hurghada is still crystal clear.
01 Marriott hotel and beach 02 Red sea beach at sunset 03 Bridge to the island bar 04 Yachts in the Red Sea
05 Palm trees and sky 06 Palm trees 07 Red sea sunset 08 Sea water in Sigala 09 Sea water in Sigala
10 Red Sea beach at sunset 11 Street and unfinished buildings 12 Back street in Sigala 13 Main street in Sigala
14 Main street in Sigala
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