The Western Desert in Egypt extends east-west from the west bank of the Nile until the border to Lybia for 600km and for almost 1000km from north to south. Several oases are located in the western desert, of which the largest and most important ones are the Kharga, Dakhla, Farafra, Bahariya and Siwa oases. Only parts of the western desert are accessible to tourists. Near the oasis of Farafra lies the White Desert, named after the white rock formations located in it. Siwa is a very large oasis surrounded by sand desert near the border to Lybia.
Kharga and Dahkla Oases photo gallery  - 22 pictures of Kharga and Dahkla Oases
Farafra Oasis photo gallery  - 29 pictures of Farafra Oasis
White Desert photo gallery  - 24 pictures of White Desert
Bahariya Oasis photo gallery  - 10 pictures of Bahariya Oasis
22 photos of these two large oases in Egypt's western desert
29 photos of the Farafra oasis and the Farafra Art Museum
24 photos of the white desert with its stunning white rock formations
10 photos of Bahariya, an oasis in the Egyptian desert about 300 Km southwest of Cairo.
Siwa oasis photo gallery  - 115 pictures of Siwa oasis
115 photos of the Siwa oasis in western Egypt, one of the more remote desert oases in Egypt
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