The nineteenth dynasty temple of Seti I lies in the city of Abydos in the upper Nile valley 160km north of Luxor, not far from Sohag. Construction started during the reign of Seti I (1296-1279 BC) and was completed under his successor Ramesses II (1279-1212 BC). The temple is built of limestone and sandstone blocks and has seven sanctuaries dedicated to Seti and several Egyptian gods. Extending over an area of 157 x 59 metres, it has some of the best preserved bas-reliefs among the Egyptian temples of the Upper Nile valley. Some bas-reliefs even still have the original colours.
01 Temple of Seti 02 Square pillars 03 Bas-relief 04 Bas-relief
05 Bas-relief 06 Bas-relief 07 Hall with columns 08 Hall with columns
09 Colouful bas-reliefs with Egyptian gods 10 Bas-relief with Egyptian god Amun 11 Bas-relief 12 Chapel 13 Egyptian god Khnum bas-relief
14 Bas-relief with Egyptian gods and pharaos 15 Hall with columns 16 Hall with columns 17 Hall with columns
18 Bas-relief with Egyptian god Horus and pharaos 19 Bas-relief with a pharao 20 Bas-relief with Egyptian god Horus and pharao 21 Corridor
22 Osireion 23 Rear view of Seti temple
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