Zagreb is the capital of Croatia. It is located in the plains of northern Croatia, north of the banks of the Save river, 20km east of the border to Slovenia. While the area of Zagreb was already settled in Roman times, the name Zagreb was first recorded in 1094 AD, when the Hungarian king Ladislaus founded a diocese.
Zagreb first became the regional administrative centre of Croatia in 1621 (the seat of Ban of Croatia). After having briefly been the capital of an early independent state of Croatia, Zagreb finally became the capital of Croatia in 1991, after the breakup of former Yugoslavia.
Zagreb consists of a historical core consisting of an elevated area (the upper city) with some government buildings and a lower city with the cathedral and a more recently builz area with many buildings erected in neoclassical style.
Zagreb has 800000 inhabitants and is a pleasant city with well-managed traffic and good public transportation. The central part of the city has been completely restored. The historical core is quite touristy, with plenty of toutist Accommodation options and many cafes and restaurants in the Ivan-Tkalcic street. Outside the urban centre of Zagreb there are a few large shopping malls.
How to get to Zagreb
Zagreb is well connected by car, train and air and has its own international airport.
There are many hotels in and around Zagreb, all bookable via the booking portals. The pricing level is significantly lower than in more developed EU countries.
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