The Plitvice lakes national park lies in central Croatia and covers an area of almost 300 km². The park includes 16 lakes along the Korana river, with countless waterfalls formed by natural barriers of stone (travertine). This material is deposited by the action of moss, algae, and bacteria and can grow at a rate of 1cm per year. The lakes are surrounded by heavily forested karst mountains and receive their water from several small rivers and subterranean karst rivers.
The national park (Croatia's first) was initially set up in 1949 and expanded in the year 2000. It has excellent tourist infrastructure: there are big parking areas and many well marked trails, which in many areas consist of wooden plankways. A boat service shortens the circuit across the large upper lake and a bus service connects the three entrances to the national park, so that visitors don't have to backtrack.
The Plitvice lakes national park has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 1949.
How to get to the Plitvice lakes national park
There is no airport or train station, so the only way to reach the national park is by road, either arriving by car, taxi or using a bus service.
Around the Plitvice lakes national park there is a number of accomodation options (hotels, apartments etc.), most of them bookable via the international booking portals.
01 Road to national park entrance 02 Veliki Slap big waterfall 03 Waterfall 04 Waterfall
05 Plitvice national park 06 Veliki Slap big waterfall 07 Veliki Slap big waterfall 08 Waterfall
09 Waterfall 10 Plitvice national park 11 Tourists on boardwalk 12 Plitvice lakes
13 Reed 14 Veliki Slap viewing platform 15 Veliki Slap big waterfall 16 Veliki Slap big waterfall
17 Plitvice lakes 18 Tourists on boardwalk 19 Tourists on boardwalk 20 Boardwalk along lake
21 Plitvice lakes 22 Cave 23 Lake 24 Waterfall 25 Waterfall
26 Plitvice lakes 27 Waterfall 28 Waterfall 29 Trail to upper lakes 30 Lagoon
31 Lagoon 32 Waterfall 33 Waterfall 34 Waterfall 35 Forest trail
36 Stream and trees 37 Plitvice lakes 38 Plitvice lakes 39 Waterfall
40 Waterfall 41 Forest and lake 42 Tourists on boardwalk 43 Tourists on boardwalk 44 Tourists on boardwalk
45 Footbridge
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