The Yangtze river (also known as Yangtse, Yangzi or Jinsha Jiang), one of the longest rivers in China, passes between the Haba Shan and Yulong Xueshan mountains through one of the deepest gorges in the world. The gorge is 16 km long and it's 3900m from the waters to the snow capped mountaintops.
The Tiger Leaping Gorge is known as Hutiao Xia in Chinese. At the narrowest point of the gorge there is a statue of a jumping tiger.
01 Jinsha Jiang river 02 Jinsha Jiang river 03 Jinsha Jiang river 04 Path to the Tiger Leaping Gorge 05 Yangtze (Jinsha Jiang) river
06 The gorge 07 The gorge 08 Yangtze river gorge 09 Yangtze river gorge 10 Yangtze river gorge
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