A bus service connects among others Tunxi with the Huangshan cable car station in Yungu. From there it is easily possible to reach the hotel area on top of the Huangshan mountains. Bamboo forests cover the lower levels of the Haungshan mountain range.
01 Bus Tunxi - Huangshan 02  Bamboo forest 03  Bus Tunxi - Huangshan 04  Bamboo forest
05  Bamboo forest 06  Bamboo forest 07  Pine trees 08  Visitor path 09  Yungu temple
10  Yungu cable car station 11  Huangshan cable car 12  Huangshan cable car 13  Cable car 14  Monkey warning board
15  Rusty padlocks 16  Huangshan Xihai hotel 17  Pai Yun Lou hotel 18 Tents
19  Beihai hotel at dawn 20 Kiosk at dawn 21 Staircase
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