Xihai (=west sea) is a large and deep canyon in the western part of Huangshan with impressive rock formations, views, peaks and steep rock walls. A set of trails and a cable car allow to do a loop around the canyon. The trails consist of staircases which are either carved into the rock or attached to vertical rock walls. Xihai is the most scenic part of Huangshan.
01 Cliffs 02 Path 03 Staircase 04 Pine trees on rock formation 05 Pine trees on rock formation 06 Falcon head rock and pine trees
07 Pine trees on rocks 08 Pine tree 09 Falcon head rock 10 Xihai canyon 11 Xihai canyon
12 Xihai canyon 13 Staircase on rock face 14 Xihai canyon 15 Xihai gorge 16 Rocks and pine trees 17 Tourists on staircase
18 Staircase 19 Staircase and rock formations 20 Xihai cable car 21 Staircase to bottom of Xihai canyon 22 Tourists queueing up for cable car
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