There are various definitions for what constitutes western Europe, including those of the Cold War period and the United Nations one. In this gallery we simply mean the group of westernmost countries of the European continent. Some of these countries are in the Greewich time zone, while others are in the Central European time zone. With the exception of the southern countries of this group who are currently in a phase of economic crisis, these countries have highly developed and strong economies and a very advanced development status.
The Netherlands photo gallery  - 72 pictures of The Netherlands
France photo gallery  - 440 pictures of France
Portugal photo gallery  - 424 pictures of Portugal
72 photos of the Netherlands, a small, densely populated western European country
440 photos of France, a large western European country
424 photos of the historic sites of Lisboa, Tomar, Fatima, Batalha, Alcobaca and Coimbra and the atlantic coast of the Algarve
Spain photo gallery  - 894 pictures of Spain
894 photos of Spain, a large southwest European country with a rich cultural heritage
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