Although the Mariamman temple is clearly Hindu, it is mostly frequented by Chinese worshippers who clasp incense sticks and prostrate in front of Hindu deities. The Giac Lam pagoda was built in 1744 and is the largest pagoda in Saigon. Inside the compound there is a white statue of Buddha seated on a lotus flower. The temple lies quite far away from the centre of Saigon - getting there takes about 40 minutes by taxi.
To the south lies the Giac Vien pagoda (Buddha's complete enlightenment), which was built in 1771 and dedicated to the worship of the emperor Gia Long. The local monks will allow you to visit the richly decorated pagoda interior. Both the Giac Lam and the Giac Vien pagodas have small monumental cemeteries.
01 Mariamman Hindu temple 02 Mariamman Hindu temple 03 Main gate of Giac Lam pagoda 04 Giac Lam pagoda tower 05 Cemetery - Giac Lam pagoda
06 Inner court - Giac Lam pagoda 07 White Buddha statue in Giac Lam pagoda 08 Inner court - Giac Lam pagoda 09 Cemetery - Giac Vien pagoda 10 Goddess statue - Giac Vien pagoda
11 Altar - Giac Vien pagoda 12 Altar - Giac Vien pagoda 13 Altar - Giac Vien pagoda 14 Altar - Giac Vien pagoda 15 Altar - Giac Vien pagoda
16 Giac Vien pagoda interior 17 Giac Vien pagoda 18 Monk in yellow robe - Giac Vien pagoda
19 Giac Vien pagoda 20 Roof detail - Giac Vien pagoda
21 Mosque
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