Visitors are taken by sampan (a locally made boat with a metal hull) along the Yen river to the Perfume pagoda, a 4km ride through a karst landscape with rugged hills and peaks. Local Vietnamese use the river as a transportation artery and for fishing, both with nets and with cages. Vietnamese women, who otherwise work as farmers, compete for the privilege of being the boat rower, as they expect to receive good tips from the tourists.
01 Overloaded bicycle 02 Soy bean hulls 03 Soy bean hulls 04 Soy bean hulls
05 Conical hats 06 Women wearing conical hats 07 Metal boats on Yen river 08 Metal boat with tourists
09 Riverbank and hills 10 Riverbank and trees 11 Woman fishing with net in Yen river 12 Trees 13 Metal boat and fisherman
14 Metal boat and fisherman 15 Yen river 16 Yen river 17 Metal boat carrying wood
18 Metal boat carrying wood 19 Metal boat production 20 Metal boat production
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