The Ho Chi Minh mausoleum is where the founder of modern Vietnam is buried. In front of the mausoleum lies the large Ba Dinh square. To the north is the presidential palace complex. To the east lies what remains of citadel and several colonial era buildings and museums.
01 Ba Dinh square and mausoleum 02 Government building 03 Street lanterns on Ba Dinh square
04 Ho Chi Minh mausoleum 05 Vietnamese flag 06 Ho Chi Minh mausoleum 07 Guards in white uniform at Ho Chi Minh mausoleum 08 Yellow government building
09 Yellow government building 10 Vietnamese soldiers walking on the street 11 Vietnamese soldiers walking on the street 12 Yellow colonial era building 13 Cot Co flag tower
14 Cot Co flag tower 15 Fighter jet in military museum 16 Cannon in military museum 17 Bronze statue of Lenin 18 Presidential palace
19 Presidential palace 20 Presidential palace 21 Danish embassy
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