French archaeologists divided the ruins in My Son into 10 groups, called A, A', B, C, D, E, F, G, H and K, and assigned each structure a name consisting of a letter followed by a number. Many of the monuments (including the A complex with its once magnificent A1 Tower) were destroyed during the Vietnam war. What remains and is accessible to tourists are the the temples in the centrally-located groups B, C and D. The photos in these gallery show a number of structures, including stupas and Hindu temples.
01 Stupa ruin 02 Bas-relief showing woman 03 Stupa ruins 04 Panorama view of ruins
05 Panorama view of ruins 06 Panorama view of ruins 07 Base of pillars 08 Hindu temple
09 Hindu temple 10 Temple ruins 11 Bas-relief showing woman 12 Hindu temple 13 Hindu temple
14 Panorama view of ruins 15 Interior of stupa 16 View of ruins through gate 17 Stupa ruins 18 Bas-relief showing women
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