The Liwa oasis extends like an arc for 150km from west to east and is a major centre for date farming, with endless plantations of date palms growing everywhere in the oasis. The oasis can be crossed by driving on a well built road. There are about 50 villages in the Liwa oasis. The main village in the Liwa oasis is Mezaira'a, which is connected by a motorway to the coast and Abu Dhabi. South of the Liwa oasis lies the Arabian desert with plenty of sand dunes.
01 Bushes and sand dunes
02 Palm trees oasis
03 Palm trees oasis
04 Road to Hamim 05 Palm trees oasis
06 Road to Hamim 07 Road to Hamim 08 Telecommunications towers
09 Road to Tal Mireb and sand dunes 10 Desert vegetation and sand dunes
11 Sand dunes and road to Tal Mireb
12 Road to Tal Mireb 13 Orange sand and white stones 14 Adnoc petrol station at night
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