Tal Mireb, also known as Moreeb hill, is a site in the Rub al Khali desert south of the Liwa oasis. It consists of a large plain area extending for 5km from west to east surrounded by large sand dunes, of which the tallest is the 300m high Moreeb hill. Tal Mireb is a major desert motor sports centre, with desert races taking place both in the flat bottom and on the sand dunes. Among the vehicles used are 4WD cars, off-road cars, sandrails, pickup trucks and motorbikes. Visitor facilities include tent camps where people can spend the night, a registration office for competitions, a clinic, a mosque, a sandrail rental and even a children playground. A well-paved 25km long road connects Tal Mireb with the village of Mezaira'a.
01 Tal Mireb desert camp
02 Moreeb dune and visitor facilities 03 Mosque and visitor facilities
04 Dune buggy 05 Sandrail
06 Moreeb dune 07 Mosque and registration centre
08 Visitor facilities 09 Moreeb dune 10 Motorbikes on Moreeb dune
11 Sandrails on top of Moreeb dune 12 Emiratis resting with 4WD car 13 Sandrail and off-road car 14 Off-road car on sand dune
15 Motorbike on Moreeb dune 16 Pickup truck driving on sand dune 17 Sandrail driving on sand dune 18 Dune buggy
19 Off-road car on sand dune 20 Tal Mireb desert camp
21 Tal Mireb desert camp 22 Dune buggy
23 Sandrail driving on sand dune 24 Car race in the desert 25 Sandrail driving on sand dune 26 Sandrail driving on sand dune
27 Sandrail 28 Tent camp 29 Paramotor in flight 30 Powered paraglider
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