The Alhambra is a Moorish palace and citadel located on a hill overlooking Granada, consisting of a number of palaces and buildings surrounded by walls. It was set up on the site of a former 9th century citadel by the Moorish rulers of the Emirate of Granada in the 14th century. After the Spanish conquest of Granada new buildings were added, for instance the palace of Charles V in the 16th century. The Alhambra has no orthogonal layout and extends irregularly from east to west on the hilltop. It is nowadays one of the primary tourist attractions in Spain and has been a UNESCO World heritage site since 1984.
01 The Alhambra 02 Horse chestnuts 03 Parador de San Francisco church 04 Tourists on tree-lined pathway
05 White daisy flowers 06 Charles V palace 07 Charles V palace 08 Alcazaba citadel
09 View of Nasrid and Charles V palaces 10 AlcAlcazaba citadel gateba citadel 11 Alcazaba citadel gate 12 Charles V palace
13 Nasrid palace 14 Pillar in Nasrid palace 15 Wooden ceiling - Nasrid palace 16 Nasrid palace
17 Patio del Mexuar inner court 18 Decorated facade with windows - Patio del Mexuar 19 Islamic patterns on wall - Nasrid palace 20 Islamic patterns on wall - Nasrid palace
21 Patio de Arrayanes and pond 22 Patio de Arrayanes and pond 23 Salon de Embajadores hall 24 Nasrid palace 25 Nasrid palace
26 Decorated ceiling of Sala de los Abencerrajes 27 Nasrid palace 28 Nasrid palace 29 Wedding party 30 Wedding party
31 Wedding party
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