The modern settlement of Al Ula was set up in the 20th century, in order to provide homes for people who previously lived in the dried mud historic village. The last family left the old city in 1983. The built area consists of an urban centre and other parts which spread over a larger area to the south and north of it. The winter park, a few km north of the modern city centre, is the starting point of the tours to the area.
01 Palm tree street 02 Palm tree street 03 Palm tree street 04 Tetra Pizza restaurant 05 Palm tree street
06 Winter park waiting area 07 Winter park 08 Winter park waiting area
09 Tourist buses in winter park 10 Tourist buses in winter park 11 Musa Bin Naseer mosque 12 Musa Bin Naseer mosque 13 Musa Bin Naseer mosque
14 Old town tourist waiting area 15 Old town tourist waiting area 16 Old town pedestrian area 17 Old town pedestrian area
18 Old town pedestrian area 19 Old town pedestrian area 20 Old town pedestrian area 21 Old town pedestrian area
22 Old town food kiosk area
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