The archaeological site of Dadan consists of the ruins of the ancient capital of the powerful Lihyan (Dadan, Dedan) kingdom, which was established in the northwest of the Arabic peninsula (Hejaz area) in the 7th century BC and was finally annexed by the Nabateans in 24 BC. The ruins lie between the oasis and the rock cliffs. They consist of a ruins area which is still being excavated (ruins of the ancient city) and a number of tombs carved in the rock.
01 Dadan cliffs 02 Rock cut tombs and staircase
03 Dadan cliffs 04 Rock cut tombs of Dedan 05 Lion tombs
06 Lion tombs 07 Rock cut tombs and staircase 08 Rock cut tombs of Dedan 09 Lion tombs
10 Lion tombs 11 Lion tombs 12 Rock cut tombs 13 Dadan city excavation area
14 Ruins of Dadan city 15 Dadan city excavation area 16 Ruins of Dadan city
17 Dadan city archaeological site 18 Ruins of Dadan city
19 Dadan city excavation area
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