Piața Unirii (Unification square or Union square in English) is a large square in the centre of Bucharest. It is located not far from the Palace of the Parliament and is immediately south of the historic core of Bucharest. Piata Unirii has its own metro station and a large shopping complex. There is a very large fountain where sometimes light and music shows are offered.
01 Unirii square 02 Unirea shopping centre
03 Fountain on Unirii square 04 Fountain on Unirii square 05 Boulevard Unirii fountains 06 Boulevard Unirii fountains
07 Palace of the parliament 08 Boulevard Unirii
09 Palace of the parliament 10 Fountains on Unirii square 11 Fountains on Unirii square
12 Saint Spyridon the new church 13 Palace of the parliament
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