Before World War II Nalewki was a large, predominantly Jewish quarter in Warsaw. With 450000 inhabitants this was the second largest Jewish community worldwide after the one in New York. In 1940 the occupying Germans forces converted Nalewki into the Jewish Ghetto and until 1942 300000 people were sent to concentration camps, while another 100000 died in the ghetto. After the Ghetto uprising in 1943 the national socialists completely destroyed Nalewki. Nowadays the former Jewish ghetto is a residential area for the working class.
01 Warsaw ghetto uprising monument 02 Warsaw ghetto uprising monument 03 Warsaw ghetto uprising monument 04 Warsaw ghetto uprising monument 05 Memorial
06 Zamenhofa street 07 Zamenhofa street 08 Anielewicz bunker memorial 09 Anielewicz bunker memorial 10 Anielewicz bunker memorial
11 Anielewicz bunker memorial 12 Anielewicz bunker memorial 13 Granite memorial 14 Granite memorial 15 Stawki street
16 Marble wall in Umschlagplatz memorial 17 Umschlagplatz memorial 18 Umschlagplatz memorial 19 Dzika street
20 Willi Brandt memorial
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