Between the end of the 18th and the middle of the 19th centuries Aleja Solidarnosci (solidarity avenue) and Plac Teatralny (theater square) were Warsaw's commercial and cultural centre. Several building in classicistic style, including the Grand Theatre, were built around 1820. The Branicki palace was built in rococo style in 1740.
01 Saxon gardens 02 Saxon gardens 03 Old city hall
04 Old city hall 05 Old city hall 06 Buildings on Aleja Solidarnosci 07 Aleja Solidarnosci 08 Pathway
09 Clock tower of new city hall 10 Clock tower of new city hall 11 Reconstructed city hall rear view
12 Reconstructed city hall front view 13 Reconstructed city hall 14 Grand theatre
15 Grand theatre on Plac Teatralny 16 Grand theatre 17 Bohaterom World War II memorial
18 Bohaterom World War II memorial 19 Branicki palace 20 Building
21 Branicki palace 22 Branicki palace roof detail with statues 23 Branicki palace 24 Street
25 Krasinski palace 26 Sunset in Warsaw 27 Sunset in Warsaw
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