The Fjellheisen cable car connects Tromsø with Mt Storsteinen (421m of altitude). From here there is an impressive view over Tromsø and the mountains surrounding it. The city of Tromsø lies on the island of Tromsøya, which is connected with bridges to the mainland and other nearby islands.
01 Tromso harbour
02 Tromso harbour
03 Tromso strait 04 Mobile communications antenna
05 Floyfjellet mountain 06 Tromsoe strait 07 Mountains around Tromsoe
08 Floyfjellet mountain 09 Storsteinen cable car station 10 Tromso island and mountains 11 Paragliders
12 Paragliders 13 Tromsoe bridge 14 Storsteinen cable car station 15 Fjellheisen cable car
16 Fjellheisen cable car 17 Tromso harbour 18 Tromso bridge 19 Storsteinen cable car station
20 Mountain trail to Tromso 21 Mountain trail to Tromso 22 Nordfjellet mountain 23 Trekkers climbing to Storsteinen 24 Tromsoe bridge
25 Tromsdalen 26 Tromso
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