The Arctic cathedral (Ishavskatedralen in Norwegian) is a modern church with a distinct triangular shape. Built in 1965 with concrete and metal, it seats 600 people. On the eastern side there is a huge glass mosaic, one of the biggest stained-glass windows in Northern Europe.
The Lutheran Cathedral (Tromsø Domkirka in Norwegian) is located in the city centre and is the world's northernmost Protestant cathedral. It was completed in 1861 and is one of the major wooden churches in Norway.
The Cathedral of Our Lady (Vår Frue Kirke in Norwegian) is a catholic church built in 1861.
01 Tromsoe cathedral 02 Tromsø cathedral 03 Tromsoe cathedral 04 Cathedral square
05 Ishavskatedralen 06 Arctic cathedral 07 Cathedral of Our Lady 08 Ishavskatedralen 09 Arctic cathedral
10 Ishavskatedralen 11 Arctic cathedral 12 Ishavskatedralen 13 Arctic cathedral 14 Stained glass window in arctic cathedral 15 Stained glass window in arctic cathedral
16 Pipe organ in arctic cathedral 17 Arctic cathedral interior 18 Arctic cathedral interior 19 Stained glass window in arctic cathedral 20 Arctic cathedral interior 21 Tromsoe cathedral
22 Tromsoe cathedral interior 23 Tromsoe cathedral interior 24 Stained glass window in Tromsø cathedral 25 Tromsoe cathedral interior 26 Tromsoe cathedral interior
27 Tromsø cathedral
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