In this photo gallery you'll find a selection of Bagan pictures of early period temples built under King Kyanzhitta (1084-1113). The early period dates from approx. 850 to 1120.
Bagan was probably built on the site of an earlier Pyu city and it began to blossom under the reign of King Anawratha (1044-1077). The latter years of the early period are referred to as the Mon period, as the temple designs were heavily influenced by Mon artists and craftsmen captured by King Anawratha following his conquest of Thaton in 1057. King Kyanzhitta was the son of King Anawratha and further expanded the Bagan kingdom.
01 Ananda pagoda 02 Ananda pagoda 03 Ananda pagoda 04 Ananda pagoda 05 Ananda pagoda
06 Ananda pagoda 07 Ananda pagoda 08 Ananda pagoda 09 Ananda pagoda 10 Pahtothamya pagoda 11 Pahtothamya pagoda
12 Nagayon pagoda 13 Nagayon pagoda 14 Nagayon pagoda 15 Nagayon pagoda 16 Nagayon pagoda 17 Abeyadana pagoda
18 Abeyadana pagoda 19 Abeyadana pagoda 20 Abeyadana pagoda 21 Gubyaukgyi pagoda 22 Gubyaukgyi pagoda
23 Gubyaukgyi pagoda
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