The Rcif (or el-Rcif) square lies in the heart of the Fes el-Bali medina, but is reacheable by car. It is well suited as a starting point to explore the medina. Nearby are a number of attractions including the Kairaouine mosque, Seffarine square with the University and library, some Koranic schools (medersas) and several historical buildings. Rcif square is surrounded by a maze of narrow alleys with small shops.
01 Minaret 02 Alley and shops 03 Alley and vegetables stall 04 Butchery 05 Butcheries 06 Pancake bakery
07 Alley and shops 08 Mosque and minaret 09 Seffarine square and culture ministry 10 Seffarine square 11 Library staircase 12 Library main entrance
13 Library reading room 14 Bank in historic building 15 Pillar with Islamic decorations 16 Decorated window 17 Octagonal Islamic mosaic 18 Kairaouine mosque
19 Kairaouine mosque 20 Kairaouine mosque minaret 21 Rcif square at sunset
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