The Tanjung Datu national park has some pristine unpolluted rainforest probably because the park is very far away from urban areas, can only be reached by boat and receives very few visitors. There are a few well-marked trails which criss-cross the park and a few creeks which flow down from the hills. Supposedly there is some wildlife in the park, although during my brief visit I didn't meet any. In the park there are rafflesia flowers in one spot, of a different species than the ones found in the Gunung Gading national park.
01 Plank way 02 Plank way 03 Park signpost 04 Park headquarters building 05 Park visitor statistic
06 Treetops 07 Pasir Antu Laut trail 08 Jungle ground 09 Rainforest creek 10 Rainforest slope
11 Dipterocarp  tree 12 Rainforest slope 13 Rainforest slope 14 Rainforest slope 15 Rainforest slope 16 Termite nest
17 Termite nest 18 Rafflesia bud 19 Rafflesia bud 20 Rafflesia bud 21 Died rafflesia flowers
22 Died rafflesia flower 23 Rafflesia bud 24 Rafflesia bud
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