On Mataking there is an expensive, high-end resort which caters mostly for divers. There are two jettys, both of them only available for resort guests. Mataking is covered by dense vegetation but there are no coconut palms along the beaches, except for a few ones near the resort bungalows which probably have been planted by the resort. The Mataking islands are relatively flat with the highest elevation being one or two metres above sea level. The waters surrounding Mataking are rich in marine wildlife. It is easy to spot sea turtles.
01 Mataking island and resort 02 Jetty
03 Mataking resort 04 Jetty and boat 05 Boat
06 Resort administration building 07 Resort bungalows 08 Beach with coconut trees
09 Coral rocks at low tide 10 Beach vegetation 11 Starfish
12 Starfish
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