The Kinabatangan River is a river located in Sabah, Malaysia, on the island of Borneo. It is the second longest river in Malaysia, stretching approximately 560 kilometers from the mountains of southwest Sabah to the Sulu Sea.
The Kinabatangan River is known for its incredible biodiversity, including a wide variety of plants, birds, and mammals. It is home to the largest population of proboscis monkeys in the world, as well as orangutans, pygmy elephants, and many species of birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The photos in this gallery were taken during two boat trips, one in the afternoon and one after dark.
01 Kinabatangan river 02 Boats on Kinabatangan river 03 Macaque monkey 04 Macaque monkey
05 Macaque monkey 06 Macaque monkey 07 Monitor lizard 08 White heron 09 Macaque monkey
10 Macaque monkey 11 Macaque monkey 12 Macaque monkey 13 Macaque monkey 14 Macaque monkey
15 Boat with tourists 16 Macaque monkey 17 Jerdon baza hawk 18 Oriental dollarbird
19 Kinabatangan river 20 Rhinoceros hornbill 21 Rhinoceros hornbill 22 Rhinoceros hornbill
23 Rhinoceros hornbill 24 Rhinoceros hornbill 25 Rhinoceros hornbill 26 Rhinoceros hornbill 27 Female proboscis monkey
28 Crocodile 29 Crocodile 30 Crocodile 31 Crocodile
32 Crocodile 33 Female proboscis monkey 34 Azure kingfisher 35 Azure kingfisher
36 Azure kingfisher 37 Azure kingfisher 38 Black swiftlet birds 39 Black swiftlet birds
40 Black swiftlet birds 41 Civet 42 Civet 43 Tawny fish owl 44 Tawny fish owl
45 Tawny fish owl 46 Black and red broadbill birds
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