Deir al-Qamar is a small mountain village located about 20km south of Beirut, in the mountains at an altitude of 800m. The historic core is not very big but quite cute. It's basically centered around the Dany Chamoun square. Here there are a mosque, a couple of palaces and a church complex. It's primarily a Christian town, mostly Maronite with a small number of Greek Catholics.
Deir el-Qamar was the capital of Mount Lebanon between 1590 and the 18th century.
The Church of Saidet et Tallé is a Christian Maronite church dating back to the 15th century. This church has been destroyed and rebuilt or restored over the centuries.
01 Fakhreddine mosque 02 Dany Chamoun square 03 Dany Chamoun square
04 Marie Baz museum 05 Sheikh Jiris Baz palace 06 Staircase 07 Saydet al Talle Maronite church
08 Saydet et Talle church 09 Saydet El Talle church interior 10 Saydet al Talle church 11 Saydet El Talle Maronite church 12 Saydet El Talle church windows 13 Saydet al Talle church gate
14 Staircase 15 Moussa castle
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