The Shouf cedar reserve is an area set up in the mountains of the Shouf region, about 30km southeast of Beirut. On the slopes of the mountains there are three cedar forests of which the Barouk forest is the largest one with an area of 400 ha.
The reserve is accessible by car. The final part of the road is a narrow (but still paved) mountain road which climbs until 1450m above sea level. At the very top there is a small parking for cars.
The Shouf Cedar reserve is one of the few remaining patches of cedar forest in Lebanon. Once Lebanon was completely covered by cedar forest, but over the centuries the cedars were almost all cut because of their wood.
There are a number of trails crossing the cedar forest. A short one (20 minutes) and an intermediate one (2 hours). The forest is not that dense.
The mountain road continues and after crossing a mountain pass at 1800m the road enters the Bekaa valley.
01 Cedar tree 02 Shouf cedar reserve 03 Shouf cedar reserve 04 Shouf cedar reserve 05 Cedar trees 06 Shouf cedar reserve
07 Cedar tree 08 Shouf cedar reserve 09 Cedar tree
10 Cedar tree cones 11 Sunset on Shouf mountains
12 Shouf mountain pass 13 Microwave tower
14 Chouf mountains 15 Chouf mountains
16 Chouf mountain road 17 Shouf mountain road 18 View over Bekaa valley
19 View over Bekaa valley
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