With a population of 70000 people, Pakse (also known as Pakxe) is a relatively new city, having been founded by the French in 1905. The city is the capital of Champasak province and the main gateway in Southern Laos, and gives access to the Bolaven plateau to the east and to the Si Phan Don region to the south. Since the construction of a bridge over the Mekong (built with Japanese aid), which improves the traffic flow to Ubon Ratchathani in neighbouring Thailand, Pakse has become the commercial centre of southern Laos.
01 Airport 02 Downtown Pakse 03 Street in downtown Pakse 04 Auto rickshaw 05 Auto rickshaw
06 Street in downtown Pakse 07 Street in downtown Pakse 08 Street and Buddhist temple 09 Bridge over Mekong river 10 Mekong river
11 Mekong river 12 Mekong river and fish farm 13 Main market 14 Lao people carrying baskets 15 Street in front of main market
16 Motorcycles parking 17 Tomatoes and leeks vendor 18 Woman selling chillies and vegetables 19 Green banana stems for sale 20 Green banana stems for sale
21 Green banana stems for sale 22 Vegetables vendor 23 Vegetables vendor 24 Green aubergines (eggplants) 25 Salad and leek vendor
26 Woman selling chillies and tomatoes 27 Tamarinds and citrus limettas 28 Ladies with straw hats selling rice snacks
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