About 15km west of Karakol the coastal road turns left into the Jeti Oguz (Oghuz or Ögüz) valley south of the Issyk Kul lake. After another 15km the road reaches a picturesque valley at about 2000m of altitude, with an alpine-like scenery and stunning red sandstone rock formations. One of these is the Broken Heart rock, which hasically resembles a heart with a cleft in the middle. Behind this rock formation there is a small settlement with some buildings and some farm houses. In the background there is an impressive red rock formation called the Sevel Bulls. On a clear day this looks very photogenic, with the green meadows and the blue sky. This rock formation is a well-known landmark in Kyrgyzstan. From this point it's likely possible to proceed further south for treks into the Terskey Alatau mountain range.
01 Yurts 02 Yurts 03 Broken heart rock 04 Red sandstone hill
05 Broken heart rock 06 Seven bulls rock formation near Jeti Oguz 07 Thistle
08 Jezi Oguz valley
09 Jezi Oguz valley 10 Red sandstone rock formation 11 Fir trees
12 Seven Bulls red sandstone 13 Seven Bulls rock formation
14 Seven Bulls rock formation 15 Jeti Ozuz stream 16 Stream
17 Stream
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